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Is #Dolly the only one who makes plastic surgery look cool?

So why write about plastic surgery? Browsing through social media lately I’ve noticed many more young women have gotten fake breasts. Many have the exact same sculpted nose and the same enormous lips. There are reality shows devoted to botched surgeries and others that show how much more beautiful the “ugly duckling” is after having multiple plastic surgeries. Back to my opening question, why write about this? This growing obsession for perfection is disturbing. As a society, we’ve become so obsessed with fixing everything that’s a flaw (even though flaws aren’t always a bad thing) and taking away what makes us unique to fit these ideas of what the media deems beautiful.

Now, for real talk. This is simply my opinion and no judgement from me if cosmetic procedures make you happy! I absolutely hate my nose...seriously, it’s a true European schnozz. I have no boobs (still an A cup). My smile is gummy and off a bit. I’d love to have liposuction on my stomach too. I had an almost fatal car accident in high school where I ended up in a coma after my head hit a tree at 75mph on impact. This left me with a little bit of a droopy eye and some bumpy scars on my forehead. Most people would be like damn, with a laundry list like that I bet she’s had or plans to have some surgery. So far, all I’ve had done is Cool Sculpting (I don’t recommend it) and laser hair on my girl parts.

Here’s why Jessica hasn’t and may never have any cosmetic surgeries.

1. I am petrified to go under the knife. And let’s be honest, anesthesia comes with risks. I’m not 100% sure my life is worth having a bigger rack. Furthermore, what happens if it makes me look heavier? What if I ever get pregnant (feel free to laugh)? What if I gain weight? How will that look when I’m 85? Do I really want to do this every 10 years to keep them up?!

2. My voice is my most prized possession, other than my salvation through Christ. What if getting a nose job changed the voice that God gave me? Until it can be almost guaranteed that would never happen, I don’t know if that’s worth it.

3. Liposuction looks incredibly painful, and unless there is a form of this surgery that guarantees I’ll never gain weight back, it’s not worth it! Yes, I’m a pharmacist. I know there is no magic bullet. But, a girl can dare to dream right?!

4. Right now, I cover my forehead up with bangs and makeup. And, most people don’t notice, except for certain members of my dads family who used to inspect it at every family event saying yeah Jess, it doesn’t look that bad now. (Thanks for the words of encouragement) When I met with a plastic surgeon about it, he told me it would require dermabrasion, so my head would grow all new skin. I couldn’t wear makeup for two weeks! That sounds silly, but I WILL NOT GO to work or to perform without it. Yes, I’m vain. Maybe I’ll decide to go through with it, but I’m still deciding when two weeks of vacation is worth it.

5. It’s EXPENSIVE! Y’all, I’m super cheap and I’ve not had my BIG PAYOFF in music yet, so I am not rolling in the dough. I have student loans, and I like to travel and live my life. And no one I know is going to gift me some tits. I’m just too cheap. I’ll admit it.

6. I’ve never been the girl anyone writes home about when it comes to her looks. Even when I was in pageants, no one in the pageant world was going on and on about my looks. I’m not trying to be a model. I’m just trying to be real and to be me and make some music. And that’s why people have been able to relate to me and people have looked up to me, I’m transparent. I’m not perfect or beautiful, but I work hard and don’t judge and I’m honest, even if you don’t like what I have to say. I’m not fake. So, I think if I preach to people about being real and being yourself, would I be a hypocrite if I altered my appearance? I think there are things that are acceptable and things that aren’t, and I’m still figuring all that out right now.

7. I don’t want to change the things that make me unique. I was looking at a girls social media the other day, and I scrolled through to some older pictures and thought, is this the same girl? It was. If I’m correct, she’s not even thirty and doesn’t look like the same person she did when she graduated high school. It broke my heart because I know how low my self esteem is at times and how badly it feels to want to change yourself. So, how badly did she feel about herself to think she had to keep altering her appearance?

8. Is one surgery enough? I’m a perfectionist! I know this about myself. If I fix one thing, I immediately want to fix something else. Or, if I achieve one goal, I don’t celebrate. Instead, I’m ready to move on to the next. Can you tell there are some addiction issues in my family tree? With that said, I feel as if I were to fix my nose, I think I’d want to fix my forehead too, and then oh what the hell, let’s get some veneers too! I’m afraid I would become the person who thought you had to keep on fixing things.

So, those are my reasons. I’m not against people getting a little Botox or some fillers. You have to do your research and ensure you’re going to be safe. However, keep in mind that any surgery comes with risks, and if something happens, someone will have to live with those consequences. You also have to remember that this is a decision you should make for you! Not what the media calls beautiful, not what your significant other thinks would look better, not what your career path influences you to also cannot fix deeper seeded issues. There are plenty of physically attractive people that are miserable.

I thought it was important to share my story because I’ve seen this issue in pageants and the music business...the pressure if tough. But, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You do not have to be what others expect. Be you. And if the best version of you comes from cosmetic surgery, then go for it!

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