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   Jessica began singing at the young age of 4 with her family when they would gather around the piano in her small Baptist church. By the age of 14 she had begun writing songs. Her love of music helped her to deal with the harsh realities of life that surrounded her all throughout her childhood. That was when she knew that she would turn her passion for music into her dream life of performing and writing her music one day.

   Throughout Jessica's teenage years she continued to sing with her family in church and played school sports where she became known throughout their area for her incredible ability to begin every event with her rendition of The National Anthem

  In her beginning years of college as a pre-pharmacy student, she was dared to do a local beauty pageant. Jessica won the very first pageant she ever entered and used the title serve her community and bring awareness to the crisis of domestic violence. She lobbied for, and even helped, to write legislation promoting stiffer repeat offender consequences for domestic assault offenders. She also realized that she could use her love of music to encourage and make a difference in people's lives. Jessica went on to obtain her Doctorate of Pharmacy.

   The dare to do a beauty pageant also led her to meet the team of amazing people that she currently has around her. 

  Jessica has opened for Linda Davis, Dustin Lynch, Ty Herndon, Ricochet, Aaron Tippin, Shenandoah, Jamie O’Neal, and Bradley Gaskin. In December 2011, Jessica recorded a project at the Sound Stage Studio in Nashville produced by her friend and mentor, Linda Davis.

  She was fortunate enough to work with some of Nashville’s finest musicians and record music she wrote, along with other amazing songwriters, including Lady Antebellum’s, Hillary Scott. This project opened MANY doors for Jessica, allowing her to become involved with talented songwriters, musicians, mentors, and one awesome producer.

   Over the past year, Jessica has co-wrote on many of the songs for her newest project and played a vital role in the production of them! Alongside producer Cliff Downs, Jessica penned songs with Lance Carpenter, Rick Ferrell and Forrest Whitehead to create a project straight from her heart. Jessica was also honored to have award winning songwriter, Stephanie Bentley, pitch her a haunting tune that delivers a very important message in the most genius way. She calls this EP her autobiography and is so proud to present it to you. This next year is sure to be the start of an exciting new chapter in Jessica’s life as she propels her career to the next level.

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